Mike Breeze

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Learn, Laugh, and
 Reach your Goals!

Who Says Corporate Presentations Have to be Boring?

 In his wildly entertaining corporate presentations, Mike Breeze shows you how top achievers do the unthinkable – and how you can put the same scientific principles to work in your business and personal life. Mike will teach you 3 proven techniques to stay motivated to reach your goals, and then invites audience members to join him on stage for an unforgettable team-building experience.

Mike Breeze

Meet your speaker: Mike Breeze

Mike was raised in the small town of Ryan Oklahoma. Mike has always been fascinated with how some people reach their goals easily while others seem to struggle, whether it is quitting smoking, losing weight, or reaching their goals in business!

Mike has pursued this passion by studying and receiving countless certifications in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Autogenic Training, Success Coaching and Hypnosis. Mike has traveled the country giving hundreds of presentations for companies teaching the one thing you MUST do to boost your business performance and reach your goals. This truly is a presentation that your audience will talk about for years!


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